Why ETS emphasis on safety in the workplace?

Accident-free workplace may be well and be productive. Accidents always entails costs, but especially in the event of serious accidents affect in many ways the whole working community.
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How ETS became pioneer in Oil and Gas construction field?

The future of oil and natural gas lies in unconventional resources, such as oil sands and shale gas, or in remote Arctic and offshore supplies. All of these present challenges. Challenges that we are prepared to take on to help our clients achieve success.

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Professional Services


ETS helps its clients in risk management, improving and optimizing the operation and maintenance of good results.

Our experts draw up inventories and recommendations for action to support the customer's decision-making. Efficient advisory and planning services as well as sustainable life cycle solutions help companies achieve economic and environmental objectives.
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Design management


ETS provides expertise in structural engineering and building design services to a variety of clients including constructuon companies, building owners, developers, contractors, manufacturers and architects. 

With a wide range of experience, ETS provides services on architectural, commercial, and industrial projects and also provides specialty engineering related to connection design, precast concrete, rack structures, skylights, and construction engineering.

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Project management


ETS has solid experience in managing different dimension and sizes, complex projects in many different sectors. Carefully assembled project teams are guided towards the project quality, schedule and cost of the defined objectives related to.

All measures are documented and stored in such a way that they are easily accessible. Our professional project management is a prerequisite for a successful project.

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Project implementation


ETS strong expertise in all important technical areas to ensure that the risks associated with the project are in balance and the outcome was successful.

Systems and products cover real estate and industry and projects and services throughout the life cycle. ETS provides services in these areas as well as in combination and individually.
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Services Management


ETS has solid experience as the primary service provider of acting, in-depth technical know-how, sustainable solutions and excellent sourcing and subcontractor networks. Leading to services on behalf of the customer are also responsible for the cost of the survival value of the property and the risks associated with interruptions in business management.

Optimizing always works best when the design phase attention is paid to ecological sustainability throughout the life cycle of the property and active control.



Technical service and maintenance


ETS is a knowledgeable partner that helps customers integrate various technical and IT total solutions and the analysis and utilization of data obtained know-how from different sources. Customers greatly benefit from the management. Service continuously monitors real estate activity and automatically provides alerts, which increases the efficiency of operations.

A well-functioning real estate increases productivity and user comfort

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  • Rehabilation of 83 Storage Tanks

    QP Refinery, Mesaieed

  • Turnaround Maintenance Services

    Qatar Petroleum, Khatiayah

  • Construction of WOQOD Fuel Station 

    Gharaffa, Qatar

  • Construction of WOQOD Fuel Station

    Al Hamama

  • Construction of WOQOD Fuel Station


  • Maintenance Services in Fire Training Ground

    Dukhan Fields

  • Construction of WOQOD Fuel Station

    New Slata