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At Energy Technical Services, we understand that our success results from our diverse workforce. We provide the freedom at work to foster creativity. We believe in creating a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and smart business practices. We know that every employee has something to offer, and that every employee is integral to our success.

If you would like to be a part of our growing team and experience the benefits of working in a diverse organization that has many opportunities, share your CV .

Current Vacancies

HSE Safety Officers

Min. 3-5 Years Experience as a Safety Officer in Oil & Gas Project

Planning Engineer / Manager

Job Objectives:                                                                                                                         

  1. Preparation of program schedule for tender purpose as well as execution of projects compliance with ISO system with resource histogram & cash flow
  2. Prepare resource requirement schedule based on standard and existing rate
  3. Follow up with projects and update progress weekly
  4. Highlight the findings on time and timely communication to respective parties in order to take action on time
  5. Follow up monthly invoice / valuation and timely submission to client in coordination with project manager & DM
  6. Prepare monthly reports & submit to client in coordination with Project Manager  & DM


  1. Prepare program using Primavera for work at time of tender and awarded projects, as well as method statement following ISO system
  2. Prepare cash flow after award of project & communication to PM /DM
  3. Study of contract documents together with drawings, specification, BOQ after receipt from DM or from QS section
  4. Plan the resources required to execute the project in coordination with estimated quantity while bidding / Tender
  5. Prepare program schedule- bar chart for the projects according to the approved procedures and forms ISO system
  6. Tracking, monitoring & updating of progress versus program
  7. Weekly track, monitor and update progress of project based on planned program schedule and provide comparison between tender analysis
  8. Conduct weekly visit to site to observe, discuss and check the factors hindering progress to take corrective actions on time
  9. Track the status (delay or ahead) for further actions such as valuation, recovery schedule etc.
  10. Guide and backstop project execution team to prepare recovery schedule and corrective action to be taken to meet original schedule (internal)
  11. Prepare monthly progress reports and submission to client / consultant
  12. Follow up to prepare monthly valuation and timely claims of invoices
  13. Prepare a presentation of monthly turnover for running projects and their status
  14. Attend weekly meeting with the management and project managers to review the projects’ status
  15. Prepare internal project analysis report and submit to DM for review and further actions
  16. Ensure works executed compliance with ISO system approved procedures and forms
  17. Prepare weekly, monthly updates, and submit to DM.
  18. Improve the performance of the Department works and procedures in coordination with GM
  19. Receive Quality plan project wise and update the ongoing progress for information and further corrective actions
  20. Ensure project staffs are aware of Project’s QHSE Policy, Objective set by their project manager compliance with ISO system
  21. Accumulation and organization of data to produce further analysis report
  22. Reporting of Materials Submittal status in coordination with QA / QC
  23. Develop a comparative chart with analysis of manpower/ equipment and other resources
  24. Generate data and develop productivity analysis rate of each project which must show the required rate of progress and on going progress rate
  25. Produce sufficient data for Final Narrative Report for recording purpose (which must contain project execution strategy, problems faced, lesson learned, and further recommendation to take consideration for further projects)
  26. Performs any other similar duties as assigned by the DM.
  27. Follow Job order system in accordance with ISO system.

Expected Deliverables / Accountable:

  1. Develop effective program schedule while tendering
  2. Timely preparation of program schedule (complete) prior to start up with cash flow & resource histogram
  3. Ensure timely submission of valuation / invoices to client for timely release of money
  4. Weekly update of progress and reporting with depth analysis on hurdles
  5. Timely submission of progress reports to clients / consultant
  6. Analytical reports for use of resource mobilization (planned vs. used)
  7. Submission of final narrative report after completion of project
  8. Submit productivity analysis per week (on-going / planned)
  9. Accumulation of sufficient data & evidence (photographs) for further analysis

Job Requirements:  __________________________________________________________

  1. Any Bachelor degree, Diploma  or equivalent
  2. Well versed in Primavera software
  3. Minimum 7 years experience in the relevant field with good technical knowledge and analytical mind to resolve Problems
  4. Communicate clearly and effectively, both in oral and written English and Arabic Language if applicable.
  5. Strong analytical, technological and problem solving skills.
  6. Ability to work in an environment requiring strong discipline and attention to details.
  7. Work effectively under stressful situations.
  8. UPDA Certified A Grade