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Corrosion Protection

The Corrosion Protection Division provides the following services

  • Coatings
  • Surface Preparation and Application of Coatings
  • Wrapping and Fireproofing
  • Scaffolding
  • Rigging
  • Insulation


ETS offers top quality corrosion protection services for pipeline, vessels, cargo, ballast and onshore storage tanks. Such coatings are extremely challenging and require precision and perfect coordination. ETS has experience with a wide range of anti- corrosion system covering:

  • Epoxy-100% solids, coal tar, phenolic coatings
  • Glass reinforced vinyl ester, polyester, phenolic and epoxy systems
  • Zinc- organic and inorganic, moisture-cured
  • Polyester based coating systems
  • Silicones and high temperature coating systems
  • 100% expanded or unexpanded, aliphatic and aromatic urethanes
  • Acrylics, alkyds – water and oil
  • Cementitious fire – proof coatings
  • Intumescent coating systems
  • Chlorinated rubber coatings
  • Heat-resistant coating systems

ETS offers a variety of surface preparation techniques covering dry blasting, wet blasting, slurry blast, spark free blasting, et al. Surface preparation beyond compliance with the strictest environmental protection beyond regulations is the ETS hallmark. ETS has a large quantity of well-maintained equipment and maintenance team that receives the best training on a regular basis

ETS has specialized operations who are factory –trained and certified applicators for many types of fireproofing coating systems. ETS experience in different environments and with widely varying materials makes the group an industry leader in the field. ETS offers cementatious, thick film and thin film in tumescent coatings.

Fire – protection Coating

ETS meets the challenges of each project with technical expertise, extensive training and resources associated with a commitment to quality – upon request, right up to turn key delivery – and a dedication to safety